Emerald Data Store - convert your files into knowledge

Project Emerald Data Store has started, as practical realization of the theoretical principles developed in dissertational research, devoted to research of integration of technologies of network file systems and relational databases.

The purpose of the given project is creation of the file - server program complex, capable to support some network file systems as SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP and to give the expanded opportunities of semantic management of file system through linkage of files with the metadata and transformation of files on-the-fly.

For this purpose as storehouse of the information the server of relational databases, as Firebird in which hierarchical structure, the semantic organization and scripts of transformation of file streams are represented as virtual file system will be used.

As a whole, the given project should represent file system as universal document management system, the manipulation which is made, as usual file system.

More detail about it you can read in section the Conception.

24.05.2006 - Because I did not have time for translation of materials for english, they have been laid out in russian.

17.04.2006 - Web site created.

29.03.2006 - Project started.

Project Emerald Data Store Licensed under GPL, 2006. Admin - Soft, ICQ: 132330402.