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Evolution of file systems is called to provide an opportunity of an effective utilization and management of the data on data carriers which volume becomes more and more. Uses of classical methods for introduction of the file information today becomes insufficiently. Modern means of relational databases enable creations of file systems giving the service similar to document management system, providing the increasing overall performance. Realization of the concept of integration of file system to a database are capable to transfer properties of the analysis and information search which were inherent only in relational databases on file systems.

The basic advantage of such systems will be, that the structure of file system does not depend on physical accommodation of the information on a disk. Thus, it is possible to design the necessary abstract organization of file system and further physical support of the mechanism of management by the data will be provided with the mechanism of the server of a relational DB.

Besides available and tested mechanisms of indexation of the data, supports of links between system tables and mechanisms of transactions allow to use all advantages of modern servers of databases to management of file systems.

In this section the concept of file storehouse for the distributed systems is considered on the basis of relational model of the data. Use of relational mechanisms for formation of virtual file system will allow to transfer characteristics of existing relational databases on considered file system. It will allow to combine as more as possible close classes of file systems and relational databases.

The conceptual model of the above-stated file storehouse allows to receive to expand characteristics of virtual file system which follow from its relational organization as:

  • an opportunity of flexible differentiation of the rights of users and their associations with an opportunity reconfigurations policies of safety;
  • practically full absence of restrictions on the size of base and volume of file system which will be stored in it which in the majority of servers of databases already makes 2 in power 64;
  • structurization of a file on the named file streams which represent for applications to keep the service information on a file;
  • The quantity of iterations at sample or search of the data makes logarithmical complexity, provided with mechanisms of indexation which are standard for databases;
  • presence of change of structure of the metadata of file system and its structurization on the basis of values of these metadata that will allow not looking on the size of file structure always quickly to find the necessary information;
  • the mechanism of transactions which is standard for the server of databases and raises fault tolerance of system.
  • presence of streams of transformation on-the-fly.
As we see, the direction of construction of file systems on the basis of databases poorly studied and has no enough effective realization. Advantages of this approach are shown in an opportunity of management in huge volumes of the data that is especially actual now when the standard volume of data carriers on personal computers comes nearer to a terabyte. In this connection the decision to development of a file - server program complex where the file system is submitted virtually as the information in relational base was accepted.

The virtual file system then is represented in a network of network reports of file systems as SMB/CIFS, NFS, FTP, that covers requirement of 99 % of existing program systems.

Project Emerald Data Store provides applied realization of the mentioned above concept.


Thinking about the model...
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